A Brand New Look & Puzzle Fun!

2018 The Artful Witch Spring Puzzle Challenge

How about we start over with a brand new look, yes?  I think it’s time.

I’ve converted this to a blog format, as I intend to put up more information on topics of interest, and this seemed easier than a more conventional website.  It will also tie in better with social media activities.

So watch for new content coming soon.  Would love for you to join me on Instagram or Facebook, as well as check out my Pinterest boards.  Links are to the right.

Now for the puzzle fun!  I put a call out on my Instagram account a couple months ago to see if anyone wanted to participate in a fun challenge – 9 people answered the call.  Each participant was sent a blank puzzle piece, with the instructions that they decorate the piece with the theme of Inspiration.  Whatever inspired them.  To my surprise, we garnered an international group of participants!

It took a couple months to get all the pieces back, but I was absolutely humbled by the end result and the heart and soul that each lady put into her piece.  The positive energy that rolls off this thing is AMAZING!!!!  Here’s a pic.  What do you think?

I forgot to tell this which way was up (duh!), so some are facing different directions, but I think that is part of the fun.  Art should be fun and interesting.  Perfection is not required.

I think we’re gonna have to do this again.  Way too much fun!  If you are reading and want to play along, follow me on Instagram to see the next call for friends.  Probably won’t be until fall, but there will be other fun stuff in the meantime.  🙂


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