New Name and Rebranding!

Hi all!  Yes……you read right……I’ve changed the name of the biz.  I am finally at a point where I can concentrate on my art more, and am wanting to broaden my horizons and my audience.  To do that properly, I felt a name change was in order.

So as of right now, I’m officially Mercurial Mind Art!  Yay!!  I’ll be updating the website more, as well as social media profiles, in the next couple days.  However….please be assured, it’s still me!!!!!!!!!

Why this particular new name?  It gives me some flexibility, but still holds meaning.  I’m a sucker for words and their meaning.

Mercurial (adj.) – changeable; animated; lively; sprightly; quick-witted.  That’s me to a T!!!  And, it fits with my art.  I am a serial maker.  I like to try and experiment with lots of different mediums.  I always end up coming back to paper and paint, but I love to try lots of things.  Ideas are constantly swirly in my curly-headed mind, so the name seemed appropriate.


I’ve got some really exciting things coming up as well, so keep watching here over the next few weeks for new products, festival attendance and an upcoming show!


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