Thank for visiting Mercurial Mind Art – home to all my eclectic art mischief and magic.

You typically hear “mixed media artist” in relation to art journaling or different media used on canvas, but I am a mixed media artist in every sense.  I do not have a recognizable style.  I do not create just one signature thing and I don’t specialize in just one medium.  I do have favorites I gravitate toward: paper, pens, acrylic paint and wood canvases, but I make lots of different things.  I art journal (and teach classes), I make jewelry, I paint, I woodburn, I sculpt with fabric and may other things. Most of my art is also mixed media in the sense that I often combine different mediums in one piece (paper, paint, etc.).  I love the concept of mixing seemingly unrelated things and turning them into something wonderful and whimsical!

Thus, I chose to name my biz Mercurial Mind Art.  Mercurial means “subject to sudden or unpredictable changes of mood or mind.”  When it comes to creating – this is me! I make what grabs me at the moment.  Who knows what that will be on any given day.  Inspiration strikes and I think, “I need to make that!”  So I do.

I make what makes me happy, and it is my sincere hope that my creations bring you joy as well.  My whole goal is to make something that someone thinks is beautiful.  Why?  Because we NEED beauty in our lives.  It enriches our souls.  It reminds us that there are still good things in this world.  It feels like home.

I live in Idaho and can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be (well…unless it’s Scotland!).  The natural beauty of our state inspires me on a daily basis.

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