About Me

Hi All!! I ‘m Dawn.  Thanks for stopping by!


This is my home for all things magical and art.  I am an equal opportunity maker and have been all my life. What does that mean? I don’t have a signature style necessarily. I love to experiment with new skills and mediums – and try whatever ideas pop into my head. If they work out, I’ll make more of them.

I am very much a mixed-media artist, and I love to recycle and repurpose things in my art; however paint and paper were my first loves – I always come back to them. Most of my work is made with a hint of the mystical in some way, but my ultimate goal is to make beautiful things that not only bring me Joy while I’m making them, but bring Beauty and Joy to the lives of others. I just think the world is more fun when there’s pretty things to look at and work with!

I make a wide variety of magical things, and I’m selling on ETSY.  Would love for you to take a look at the store.  This website will be a way for me to stay in touch, show you what I’m working on, give you some resources and who knows what else you’ll find here!  I’m a bit of an eclectic, so  🙂

I’m on social media and mostly active on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook (in that order – links below).  I’d really LOVE to hear from you all!  Ask questions.  Show me cool things you are working on – all of that.  I love to see what other people are creating and will be sharing other artists.

I envision this website being kind of organic and changing as I (and we all) change and grow.  Please, please feel free to get in touch via any of these methods:

Thanks for taking a look.  If you find something you like, please feel free to share the crap out of it.  If you have something you think would be useful to others, share it with me and perhaps it can go on the Links page.

Be Blessed Everyone!!



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