Happy New Year Ya Filthy Animals!

I know…..that’s not the line, but I’m using it anyway! HAHA! Whew!  Everyone has been looking forward to 2020 and anxiously anticipating leaving 2019 behind.  Setting goals and intentions, highlighting wins from the last year and generally trying to find some optimism.  While watching all this on social media, I find myself sitting here kind … Continue reading Happy New Year Ya Filthy Animals!

Cycles of Life

I woke up a couple days ago with the most basic image in my mind for a piece of art, and it was crystal clear.  I had no notion what it might mean or what it was supposed to represent, but this is what I saw: And as I got this much on paper, I … Continue reading Cycles of Life

Still Waters

I took a class recently on adding larger sculptural elements to mixed media art, and was fascinated by the idea of adding elements larger and more textural than things like paper, fabric and fibers.  After the class I looked around my studio and saw a pile of driftwood sitting on a shelf.  Ah ha!!!  I … Continue reading Still Waters

Abstract Experiment & The Grip of Perfectionism

I have been so extremely inspired by a bunch of abstract artists I’ve been following lately.  Flora Bowley (https://florabowley.com) is my fav right now.  So I decided to try my hand at something abstract.  Another step out of my comfort zone.  However, when the idea struck and I decided to give it a go, I … Continue reading Abstract Experiment & The Grip of Perfectionism

Found Word Poems

Can't  deny - I'm pretty excited about this creation! Empower Arts Magazine promotes healing and mental health through art.  Art is something that has kept me sane my entire life, so I'm particularly fond of that message.  On their Instagram feed (@empower_arts - I highly recommend checking them out!) this week, they have been talking … Continue reading Found Word Poems


@herlandstory on Instagram is hosting a look at different Greek Goddesses for 10 weeks. I'm jumping in on week 3, which is Aphrodite.  If you want to take a look or join the fun, visit @herlandstory on Insta for all the details. Many of the entries are art journals or paintings and such.  However.......I'm going … Continue reading Aphrodite

Elemental Magic

I don't think there's a profound message behind this piece. Just a little something that tickled my fancy.  And admittedly.....watercolor isn't a medium I'm fluent in, but......it seemed the best suited to the look I was trying to achieve - the look of a stack of old, aged rock with symbols someone (unknown) carved into … Continue reading Elemental Magic


How many times have you been told to just breathe. How many times have you told someone else that? It's one of the most commonly given pieces of advice, yet, have you ever really thought about and observed yourself breathe? Do you breathe deeply and evenly? Do you breathe shallow? Do you notice the difference … Continue reading Breathe…

Patience is a Virtue….Right?

You've seen the original Mummy movie, right? They are in the museum and Rachel Weiss's character is figuring out that the descriptions of where the black & gold books are buried are mixed up. Everyone is telling her to hurry and she says, "Patience is a virtue." in a sing-song voice. Brendan Fraser's character says, … Continue reading Patience is a Virtue….Right?